About Me

My name is Yevgeniya Aleksandra Begun. For years, a friend used to call me YAB, to my never ending chagrin. But when I had to think of the name for my blog, I thought that the monogram was very fitting here because it mentions me in passing. And here I want to spotlight people whose work I like and personalities I admire.

Passionate about people with passions, I mainly write about artists, their lives and artistic journeys; sometimes, I talk about other creative talented people and post my musings on exhibitions that “speak” to me.

I don’t believe in critiquing artistic work, but I believe in personal storytelling. Knowing someone better hopefully leads to understanding, which also gives rise to a connection (intellectual, emotional or spiritual). People, who establish such a link with an artist, are more likely to want to live with their art. Consequently, buying becomes a gesture of support and encouragement to keep creating.

To quote Swiss curator, artist and art historian Harald Szeemann, “If the personal relationship is taken out, the dimension of intimacy, then the museum and art business gradually starts to become annoying.”