Carlos Luna James: artist, philosopher and Galactic wizard

More then two thousand years ago, Plato compared society to life-time prisoners in a cave, where the reality they see and deem to be the only truth is a mere reflection of the world outside. According to Plato, people should not be taking sensory knowledge of reality (which comes from what we see and hear in the world) for reality itself and only philosophers are able to see beyond our perception and comprehend alternative possibilities. Artists, however, have that capability as well.

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Salvador Di Quinzio: “The magic is in the interpretation of what you see.”

If you find delight in the three-paneled garden of Hieronymus Bosch, you will surely enjoy artwork by self-taught Venezuelan artist Salvador Di Quinzio. “My audience is made up of people who resonate, who vibrate whenever they see something that tickles their mind.” Salvador takes great pleasure in imagining and then painting his stories. He carefully places many clues within his pictorial narratives for those who will take time to look into the details, diving deep into their knowledge of universal myths, symbology, and psychology. “These symbols will be picked up by only a few people. I am interested in the intellectual chemistry that happens at the level of thoughts and ideas.”

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Angelica Bergamini sings her universe into existence

It is a busy time for Brooklyn-based Italian artist Angelica Bergamini – she is preparing for her second solo show “Whispers” at the Ivy Brown Gallery. The exhibition that opens on May 8th will present 3 new series of her work.

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David Paul Kay: Black and white is like my 1s and 0s, I can write any code

Curious and intellectual, David Paul Kay is a New York based artist most widely recognized for his playful black and white mazed iconography. “People always think that because it’s black and white I limit myself. But it is exactly because of that, I’m unlimited. That’s like my 1s and 0s and I can write any code.”

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Self-taught artist Marion Di Quinzio doesn’t believe in giving unsolicited advice, but leads by example

What do you do when your creative side is bubbling in you like volcanic lava, but you don’t have a formal outlet to let it pour out and take shape?

Self-taught artist Marion Di Quinzio was always aware of her artistic side although she had never been influenced by family or teachers. On the contrary, she carried in her mind a childhood conviction, born after a teacher’s thoughtless remark, that she could not draw. Also because of that, she had wanted to do abstract work one day, apprehensive of criticism. Passionate, curious, and appreciative of others’ artistic expressions, she and her husband, also a self-taught artist, Salvador Di Quinzio, had been visiting museums, galleries, and traveling to see exhibitions for years, but both had very corporate professional careers. When Marion finally decided it was time to leave her job, without hesitation she knew where she was headed. However, determined to become an artist, she knew not where or how to start.

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Artevo, Art for Crypto and other projects by Finnish artist Vesa Kivinen

Finnish visual artist and filmmaker Vesa Kivinen was told early on that he had no aptitude for painting. That seemingly innocuous remark by his school art teacher had affected Vesa for years, “I was stuck to creating with just about everything but painting.” He studied filmmaking and went on to work in that field for several years until certain turns on his life journey led him to realize where his true gifts were and he followed that direction. With much success.

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Snow Dollkinson: Art that Blossoms from The Heart

Every time I look at Snow Dollkinson what comes to mind is the staple description of a fairy tale fairest maiden – her lips are like rose petals, her eyes are bluer than sapphires, her skin is white like snow. Are you surprised to hear she is a model? And a very good one because looking at any photograph of her, you always see a different image – the same person, but another aspect of her personality, a new palette of emotions. And I feel privileged because over the course of last year I got to know the real Snow Dollkinson, who is a humble, intelligent, and soft-spoken young woman, and her kind, caring nature permeates her artwork.
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