Extraordinary Day

The morning started very well. I was able to get up 2 hours before I had to leave the house. Had enough time to enjoy a 20-minute meditation, short cardio routine, and several different exercises with weights; and then a pleasant shower without rushing myself for fear of being late. I will stick to this routine. I promise. Every morning from now on. Energized and ready for my day! I even had time to cook a nice breakfast. I usually eat cereal or a piece of toast. A veggie omelet for a change! I can get used to it. I should. Because from today, I am a changed woman.

I even had time to steam my blouse. When I am pressed with time, the choices are limited – wrinkled clothes or something more casual that doesn’t need much care. But today I look great. And it is a good day for that. The client is coming to the office at nine. I should be arriving earlier than that. I think eight forty. Yes, traffic seems moving well today. And the day is gorgeous. Bright blue sky. Sunny. Soft breeze from the ocean. It will be a great day.

Two more exits and I’m out. Why is everyone slowing down? It seems strange. I didn’t see any signs of construction ahead. On the right they are moving a bit; I should change lanes.

No, that didn’t help. Now, we are standing still here. How is it looking on the far left? Not much action either.

Relax. There is enough time. Breathe. Remember your meditation calm.

It’s not helping! Gas. Break. Gas. Break. I am losing my focus on being calm.

Another 10 minutes standing still. I am trying to see ahead, but it’s just rows of other cars and a trailer which is blocking most of my view. What is going on?! I can’t be late. This client is so important. This presentation is important. Oh, God! Oh, God! Please help me get there on time. I can’t lose these guys. It’s the biggest account in months. I worked so hard to get this appointment scheduled. Please don’t let me be late!

I am sweating. My blouse. Do I have any napkins in the car? Not in the glove compartment. In the back? Under the seat? Why did I clean this car after kids went to McDonald’s with Robert yesterday?! I never clean up right away. I need to stop reading this self-improvement bullshit. When I didn’t waste my time meditating and exercising, non of this ever happened. No good deed goes unpunished. Right.

Okay, move! My blouse is soaked under my arms. I don’t know what makes me more nervous now: being late or looking sweaty at the meeting. I hope I won’t stink. Yes, it would be the stink of fear. Fear of being late!

I blow my horn, which doesn’t help, only adding to the cacophony of anger outside. I close my eyes and breathe deeply, trying not to focus on what’s ahead…