Studio Visit via Dinette

8/16/18 The first event was a total success! See more

Next dinner is on October 6. Guest artist Carlos Luna James. See more

A series of informal gatherings in my studio apartment in Los Angeles to talk about art with a special guest – mostly artists and sometimes other interesting people who work in the art field. With an artist, instead of visiting him or her in their studio space, I will try to bring a little taste of the studio visit experience to you. It won’t be an interview or a Q & A format. I’d like to create an atmosphere that feels like a simple dinner with a bunch of friends where, over delicious food and wine, you can ask questions, engage and learn from the artists directly about their work and connect with them on a more personal level.

To sign up for the Announcement Letter, email your name, your city and a short intro, including some of your passions (I’d like to get to know you, too) to

I am collaborating with The Kitchen Table App. Their team works hard to help us meet our neighbors, make new friends and build strong and supportive communities.
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