“A Center in a table” performative dinner of collective memories by artist Amanda Maciel Antunes

It was an amazing evening! The food (from so many different corners of the world), the memories that were shared, the laughs, the energy… everything was just seamlessly flowing and it became a performance art masterpiece, an unforgetable memory in itself now. I can’t wait to see what artworks Amanda will create using the video footage and our “food paintings” – all the paper placemats stained with food and wine.  Follow her on Instagram @amandamacielantunes

Amanda Maciel Antunes: “This is a project that started in my studio with friends. So, yesterday was really special to see this performative evening with strangers of all sorts of backgrounds and corners of life come to share stories and a meal together (USA, Mexico, Turkey, China, Thailand, Philippines, Brazil and Kazakhstan represented at this table) Thanks to Kitchen Table App and Jenny Begun for collaborating on making the evening happen and Melissa Kane (@kissingthelipless) for recording these memories. Excited to continue to work on this on-going piece and find a home to share it someday.”


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Thursday, August 16

A Center In a Table

This potluck dinner is a Performance Art piece by artist Amanda Maciel Antunes and deals with the theme of our collective memories.
It is a part of a series of video memories the artist is making for an on-going narrative performance piece titled Memoryhouse.

Amanda and I invite you to bring a dish that is special to you and represents a past memory. We want you to be a part of this intimate gathering to share the meal with us and to tell your story, to talk about the memory, which makes this dish so unique for you, and the emotions, which it brings up with each spoonful.

About Memoryhouse:
Amanda Maciel Antunes: “My fascination with memories started when I was a child and I often felt deja-vous. My first deja-vous (that I can remember) was when I was six years old, in first grade, about the same time when I started reading stories that weren’t just illustrated. I remember climbing a window of an abandoned old house on an empty lot near my grandparent’s bakery. I don’t remember how I knew how to get there for the first time, but I remember feeling an unsettling flash of memory as if I had already been there and done that. This flash of memory brought me back to that empty house many times after that, but I never felt deja-vous in that particular space again, and I would linger there for a long time before I realized that maybe, just maybe, I made it all up.”

About the Artist:
Amanda Maciel Antunes is an LA based multidisciplinary artist working in painting, costuming, performance, writing, and installation art. She was born and raised in the countryside of the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Since moving to the USA in 2009, Amanda has been developing a self-taught practice in multidisciplinary works including installation, painting, performance, assemblage, costuming and writing.

Artist Statement:
My work encompasses the process of altering messages and interpretations of identity and distance, given my own experience of migration from the places both in my past and future. I create paintings, performance and site-specific installation taking into consideration the correlation between information and a nuanced idea of language, identity and landscape patterns that are particularly influenced by the thoughts’ creation and interactions.