Guest artist Andreanna Iakovidis

Artist Statement

Environment is the single most defining factor on human life. Everything creates environment.


From the age of sixteen, when I began painting in the corner of my bedroom in Lake Placid, NY, through now as an artist and tattoo apprentice in Los Angeles, CA I’ve formed a distinct relationship with the world around me. My family moved to the small, Adirondack town of Lake Placid, NY from New York City.

The dichotomy between the two environments was irreconcilable: my first home, a metropolis brimming with other Greeks like me, ethnics groups and culture; my acclimated home, a nature-surrounded, quite town nestled remotely in the middle of (what seemed like) nowhere. It is from this that my worldview developed. When I moved to Los Angeles in 2002, self-taught and eager to explore, I landed a job as a decorative artist and spent the next ten years painting for interior designers. Beginning in 2017, I began my journey to become a tattoo artist.

I explore our relationship to nature and the industrialized world, our connection through innate, non-verbal communication and the potential of what life could be as opposed to what we believe it really is. Nature, ornament and folkloric story-telling are employed through the styles of Chinoiserie, Rococo, Gothic, and Surrealism to create a sense of nostalgia and sensorial mood. Art, in its various forms, has become a vehicle for me to understand myself, other human beings, my Greek heritage and society at large.



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