Your Artsy Book Club

Calling all the artsy bookworms!

I am starting a book club that will focus on art related reading (at times, loosely related): biographies, interviews, memoirs, reviews, conversations, essays, and yes! fiction (that would be a good example of “loosely”).

I want to invite anyone who loves reading and have interest, even slight, in artistic creativity to join me to read together, to discuss books, art, literary likes and dislikes, share and comment, offer reading suggestions and just enjoy a great company of like-minded people.

LA gatherings will be held once a month. 3 book selections, made up from my research and your suggestions, would be e-mailed to the members of the club for voting before each meet-up and the collective choice would be announced during our get-togethers.

You can also be a remote member and just follow the book announcements.

Side note: Being a member of a book club doesn’t mean you are expected to read every book and come to every meet-up. Active participation is a choice, not an obligation; and reading is a pleasure, not a chore. Hope our journey in the world of art books will be educational, engaging and entertaining, and will bring many interesting people into our lives.

To join the mailing list, please email me at with “Your Artsy Book Club” in the subject, little intro and your favorite literary genres.

Looking forward to reading together!


dinner party!


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